How We Met: Partying For The Non-Partiers

You’ll quickly find that everyone wants to know how you met your soon-to-be life partner. People are pretty shocked when they learn I first met Mr. Sea Monkey at a party at around 4 a.m. As I mentioned, I’m pretty shy I am definitely not a partier. I actually try to avoid them. So just how did we meet at a party?

Around here, a major event is this big bike race. Yes, our whole entire lives revolve around a bike race. No, it’s not because of the actual bike race. Somehow, the weekend bike race has turned into a week-long party. Even the professors give you some slack for the headache you’re guaranteed to have.

I was going through a rough time and a good friend of mine from high school was trying to cheer me up, so she invited me to her boyfriend’s apartment party. Everyone there was drinking it up, my friend included. She decided she wanted to go out for shakes and her boyfriend did too. I was friends with both of them and was not drinking, so they asked me to drive them. Problem was, I didn’t have a car. I don’t drive other peoples’ cars either.

Luckily for me, Mr. Sea Monkey walked in just at that moment and they started pestering him to drive them. He had been working the big Little Wayne concert, so he was sober. He was actually my friend’s boyfriend’s roommate. They finally got him to agree to drive them and somehow convinced me to stay, despite the fact that it was 4 a.m. and I was sober.

We hung out for a little bit and then they dropped me off at my apartment, which was in the same complex, but on the other side. I shortly received a friend request from him. My friend from high school stole his laptop and started chatting with me. I realized it was her, but I played along until he figured it out. I was a man-hater, so I wasn’t looking for a relationship. I quickly threw him into the Friend Zone.

From there on, we chatted on Facebook, went on “not-dates” and yes, I even attended a few more parties with him. Eventually, I had to admit that the not-dates were dates and it was a long, slow process to us becoming official. I’m so glad I stopped being a man-hater enough to really get to know this guy.


Ironically, one of the few parties I actually partied at when we first started dating.

And that’s how us non-partiers met at a party. I’ll admit I went through a very short phase where I would go to parties here and there, but I ultimately decided that wasn’t for me. Mr. Sea Monkey never really liked to party, but would go out if people asked him to. He did it a lot more often than I did. Thankfully, we’ve both put those days behind us.

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