Engagement Pictures

I was lucky enough to know the lovely lady who took our pictures. I was her daughter’s teacher when she was younger and attended my school. I remembered she was a photographer and thought it would be awesome to reconnect with her. A quick Google search led me to her company and she responded very promptly to my emails.

Katy Lengacher is the owner of Icarus Photography and her pictures are breathtaking. I will probably use her again in the future. She had amazing ideas for us, because we were, well, clueless. She made sure we were comfortable and she even made our height difference less weird (me, 4’11”. Mr. SM, 6’1-2″).

Mr. SM and I are lucky enough to live by such a beautiful campus. We were able to incorporate the beauty of the campus and surrounding areas in our pictures.

(All Pictures courtesy of Katy Lengacher of Icarus Photography )

So I want to thank Katy! We loved them all so much!!! 🙂

Oh, and here’s a personal photo. It’s right before we headed out to get our pictures taken. I was super nervous and Mr. SM decided to snap a picture of us walking through one of the central buildings where we got changed (we had to make a stop at the mall before, because I realized they left the security tag on my dress right before I put it on. Yikes!)


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