Oh, Captain: Finding An Officiant

One of the tougher decisions I had to make as an out of town bride was choosing the officiant. I mean, they can make or break the ceremony. At home, there is always the option to meet with the officiant ahead of time to make sure they are the perfect fit. Most of us have been to a ceremony where the officiant had no personality and we lost interest and zoned out halfway through. I didn’t want that to happen, because as much fun as the reception is, the ceremony is actually the biggest part of the whole day. I mean, that is the moment you will always remember, because that is when you two will officially become one. Forever.

No part of our decision to get married on the beach was to get us out of a religious ceremony. We just thought it would be the most beautiful backdrop to our big day. Mr. Sea Monkey and I both grew up going to church, so I had always planned to have an officiant marry us. When we changed venues, we lost the one that came with the package.

I started searching for a new one several times, but I would just get overwhelmed. There were just way too many people to choose from and it was a pretty major decision. Not to mention, they weren’t exactly cheap. Since we weren’t getting married in a church, whoever we found would have to travel to the site and more than one had fees for that. There were also so many mixed reviews that I just couldn’t find one that stood out.

Cue the awesome Mr. Sea Monkey! He found one he liked right away. We sat on the decision for a few days (due to my lack of being able to commit), but in the end I decided to just trust in his judgement and gave him the go ahead. I’m so glad we did, because Mr. Charles Gilbride has been awesome and he reminds Mr. Sea Monkey of his dad and their family. He’s made sure to keep us both in the loop, as well. Even though I wasn’t the one doing the interactions, I always am included in the emails. We decided to go with a non-denominational Christian ceremony.

Photography by Fort Lauderdale Photography

Photography by Fort Lauderdale Photography

Oh, and the bonus? His wedding package includes a photographer. We just killed two birds with one stone. I would say that $289 for the photographer and officiant is a pretty good deal. Both got 5 star ratings on WeddingWire.

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