Rose Ceremony

I frequently have bouts of insomnia and I used to fill the time by searching weddingbee, pinterest (planning a wedding before I was engaged) and other awesome websites, until I fell asleep. Now that I am in the process of planning my actual wedding, I give myself wedding related tasks to complete when I can’t sleep. It’s during these nights that I get the most things accomplished.

One of those nights, I chose to start looking at wedding ceremonies. I wanted to get an idea of what would go on at the ceremony (i.e. the order things went in), as well as the decor. One of the most beautiful things I stumbled upon was a Rose Ceremony. The Rose Ceremony can be performed several different ways, but basically, a rose is given to someone (or in honor of someone) as a gift from the bride and the groom.

Some of the common ways a Rose Ceremony is performed:

  • To each other: The bride and groom exchange a single red rose as their first gift to each other. A red rose is often given as a gift to say “I love you”.

Image via sacredweddingvows Photograper: T.J. Salsman

Image via sacredweddingvows
Photograper: T.J. Salsman

  • There is another one where the bride and groom put a rose on an empty chair to symbolize those who are unable to be there and then the officiant talks about how they are there in spirit. I thought this one was so touching in so many aspects. I almost cried thinking about it.

Image via elegantdetailsweddingplanning

Image via elegantdetailsweddingplanning/Event by Elegant Details Wedding and Event Planning

  • The one that we are doing is the Mothers’ Ceremony. The bride and groom each hand their mom a rose. We decided to do it with a little twist and I’ll be handing one to Mr. SM’s mom and he’ll give one to mine. We’ll then hug them and thank them for accepting us into the family. We are also going to write notes on “scrolls” and thank them (and of course our dads and my sisters) for accepting us into the families. After all, we wouldn’t be here without them!

Image via

Image via sacredweddingvows

We bought a couple of Real Touch roses to give them. Light pink roses are supposed to symbolize gentleness and admiration. I put some fragrance on them to make them even more realistic. I wanted our moms to be able to keep these on display which isn’t really possible with pressed flowers. I’m so excited, because they’re going to be so surprised!


Personal Photo

  Are you doing anything sentimental? I’d love to hear it, if so!

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