Unplugged…Sort of…

I’ve seen myself having an unplugged wedding ever since the smartphone became a necessity in almost everyone’s lives (guilty as charged).  I feel like people just miss so many beautiful things, because they are so busy looking at life through screens.

Some people are even so busy using their phones for cameras that they miss everything happening around them while trying to get the “perfect” picture (let’s face it, there are far less photographers in the world than we’d like to admit).

I also don’t want to pay huge bucks for a photographer, just to find out Auntie Sally put up her pictures of the Big Day all over Facebook. I get it, easy access, but I still want my actual wedding pictures, from my actual photographer, to be the first glimpse of my day for those who weren’t able to join me.

According to the Mobile Mindset Study, 58% of people who have smartphones (U.S.) check them every hour.

Image via lookout.

Image via lookout.

The study was alarming when it showed the breakdown of WHERE people used their phones.

Image via lookout.

Image via lookout.

I was shocked that more people complained about the unplugged part of the wedding than about the fact that it’s a dry wedding. Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to control adults when it comes to their phones, you know, First Amendment (I’m from Indiana, we holler that whenever we think we can). I actually was told this by someone when I mentioned that I was thinking of having an unplugged wedding.

Image via lifestyle.yahoo.com

Great Read/Image via lifestyle.yahoo/Photographer: Rick Bouthiette 

I knew there HAD to be a way to compromise on this issue. On one hand, I couldn’t stop the guests from using their phones (and really, I know they are just excited to capture special moments), but on the other, one of the main issues I had was I just didn’t want our wedding being broadcast via social media. I hate when I see people having the “who can make the first Facebook post” contest. I get it, weddings are exciting and brides are beautiful, but I feel like I should be able to have a say in when my business gets put out there.

Honestly, I plan on not putting anything until after the honeymoon. A) It’s my news to share and B) I don’t want people knowing that we aren’t home. I purposefully haven’t told many people about when the wedding is or how long we will be gone. Many break ins happen after someone posts about their property being vacant via check ins.

I went on my way to find a solution to make both sides happy and had an AMAZING find: the WedPics app. This app allows your guests to upload their pictures all to one place and everyone who has your unique i.d. number can view and save as they please. I made mine more private and I will still request photos of my actual ceremony to not be posted on Facebook. I’ve already uploaded so many pictures on there! There are albums for your entire journey, from meeting to the honeymoon.

They even make cards you can send that tell your guests exactly how to use it.

My own photo.

Personal Photo

My own photo.

Personal Photo

Seriously, THANK YOU! to the creators of WedPics! This is genius and is the perfect solution for me and Mr. SM.

Such an amazing app. (No I was not paid or anything, I love this all on my own!)

Image via photographyblog

I even saw a scavenger hunt that the guests can do in their downtime. I will add some beach things to look for, as well. I think it would be cool to add photo of a crab, starfish, dolphin, turtle and the sunset. I’ve always loved the beautiful sunset over the ocean.

You can even do cute little scavenger hunts while everyone is waiting. I may do one just for the days before. ex: find a dolphin, fish, turtle, etc.

Image via wedpics

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