How The Bathroom Helped Me With Make A Huge Wedding Decision

Mr. Sea Monkey and I rent a two bedroom townhouse. Each bedroom has its own bathroom. You may be wondering how a bathroom can be relevant to a wedding. I would have thought the same thing before I planned my own.

Since I wanted to personalize our wedding, we needed to come up with colors, so I could match all the little details. I know this goes against the grain a bit, but since our guest list is so small, we also wanted them to wear similar colors.

Since our wedding is based around the beach, we started searching beach and ocean colors. I was coming up with a lot of greens, pinks, greys, yellows and oranges. I liked pink, but Mr. SM isn’t a fan and I didn’t want to force him to have to wear it. One of the sites I recommend using is design seeds. You can find any color/theme on it and a whole bunch of palettes to go with them.

ocean colors

Image via design seeds

One of the obvious colors for me was the blue scale. I didn’t want the darker end, but the lighter end. I liked teal, but didn’t want to limit myself to only teal, so we went with teal, aqua and turquoise. I used to think those were all the same shade, but they definitely aren’t. I feel like these colors can nicely represent the various shades of the ocean.


Gel Hue via design seeds

I needed to go with something more than just blue, but I wanted to stray away from the bright pinks and oranges, as well as the periwinkles and greys. I just couldn’t decide what other colors went nicely with our beach theme. Naturally, I decided to take a break from thinking and went to my bathroom to shower. I love my showers, because I can escape the craziness of the world and feel my troubles wash down the drain. I find them relaxing and look forward to my nightly showers.

Believe it or not, that was the best decision I made that night. My bathroom was various shades of blue and brown. My mom and I had chosen those colors when we went shopping for my first apartment. It was perfect. Blue for the ocean and brown for the sand. Sand and ocean makes up the beach. Those colors go so nicely together too.

ocean colors

Image via color.romanuke

I will add pops of coral somewhere, maybe in the bouquet, to bring it all together. Now Mr. SM can’t complain when I take my long showers, because he doesn’t have to sit while I make him look at paint samples whenever he goes to Lowe’s for power tools. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go shower.

How did you decide on the colors you would be using?

5 thoughts on “How The Bathroom Helped Me With Make A Huge Wedding Decision

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