99 Vendors of Cake on the Web: Choosing the Bakery

I will be the first to admit that I am a cake girl. My old roommate and I used to live in an apartment that was located behind a grocery store and we would go on “cake runs”. We were like sisters (and definitely fought like sisters), so it was a nice bonding experience for us. Unhealthy, but nice. We would hop in the car, usually at a very ridiculous time at night, and go and get the individual slices of cake and then we would gossip and eat them together. Those were some of the greatest memories I have.

As much as I love to eat cake, I also love to see the concepts people come up with. Wedding cakes, in particular, can tell a story of the couple. Even the smallest of details can add a unique touch. It’s amazing what bakers can do with cake, frosting and fondant.

Keeping this in mind when I started researching bakeries, I used The Knot app to look at the creations each bakery made. I looked through their pictures and their reviews and then I gave a list of potential bakers to Mr. Sea Monkey, so that he could help me choose. I want this wedding to be about both of us and not just me.

If you know Mr. Sea Monkey, you know he only has two requirements:

  • Do they have chocolate?
  • Do they have peanut butter?

My list was a bit longer:

  • Positive reviews
  • Customer service
  • Good website with tons of pictures
  • Price
  • Professionalism (both in the people and the cakes)
  • Are they willing to work through email.

Being an out of town bride was especially tough, because we couldn’t just drop by for a cake testing. I have to admit, I’m pretty bummed about missing out on that. My mouth was watering over reading through all the different cake flavors.

I finally found a bakery called We Take The Cake. They actually were the cake vendor that came with the wedding package at our first venue. They actually had all positive reviews from the hotels they partnered with for weddings. The variety of flavors they had was more than you could ever imagine. I didn’t even know some of them were possible to get in cake form (good thing too, because I’d be broke buying cake all the time).

I promptly emailed them, afraid we would not be able to book them with our wedding being in June, a.k.a. wedding madness month. They emailed me back in record time and actually apologized for making me wait, yet it had only been a few days. Compared to other vendors we encountered, this politeness and speed was shocking!

The wedding coordinator Jenn was amazing at communicating with me. She sent me pictures of a couple of cakes that she thought were perfect and I sent her a couple of my ideas. Combined, we came up with a chocolate cake with peanut butter  (who? us?) frosting in the layers, white chocolate shells and some graham cracker dust to simulate sand. I bought a couple of beach chairs and a small sand castle as a cake topper and our initials will be written in the sand. The frosting will be a gradient from white to blue and the sides of the cake will be more of the “under the sea” theme.

One of the examples sent to me. I love the sides and how it's under water, so picture the frosting in blue. (Image via We Take The Cake)

Photo courtesy of We Take The Cake

I bought a couple of beach chairs (coral and blue) like this as a topper. (Image via Pinterest)

Photography by Merissa of View on black>Spring Lake Cake

Image courtesy of exclusively weddings

Jenn even helped me with a small bump pebble in the road. We had to change the bottom tier to a combo of golden butter and chocolate cake with the peanut butter frosting between layers and the top half still gets to be chocolate.

Be aware: Due to the density of some chocolate cakes, it’s not really possible to do a full chocolate tier for the base.  Last thing you want is your cake caving in during the Big Day. Yikes!

I honestly am so excited to see the final product. I would love to see your cake pictures/inspiration. It’s one of the most important parts of your day, after all.

4 thoughts on “99 Vendors of Cake on the Web: Choosing the Bakery

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