The Cake Topper: So Much More Than That

I’ve mentioned before that I love cakes and the details people put on them. Cake toppers have to be one of my favorite details to look at. They are so unique and creative and they can literally be anything.

Mr. Sea Monkey and I wanted something more unique than our initials, but also didn’t want to break bank. Some of them can be hundreds of dollars and, while they are beautiful, I just didn’t have it in my budget to spend that on a cake topper. We took to etsy for our search. I’m an artsy person myself, so I’ll take any opportunity to help out my fellow artists. What I didn’t realize was just how much I was helping out.

I actually ordered my cake before the topper, but I already knew that I was going with a couple of beach chairs. When I started looking into cakes, I used Pinterest to find different beach wedding cakes and I thought the two beach chairs were perfect for our theme.


Photo via idofavors etsy shop

I poured over all the different chairs etsy had to offer. I had about 20+ tabs opened up on my computer after I narrowed it down to the ones I liked the best. It took me about two hours to do this. I then had Mr. Sea Monkey help me narrow those down. Somehow we finally chose one. They were all so cute and we definitely went back and forth on which one we liked the best.

starfish chair

Photo via MorganTheCreator etsy shop

mrandmrs starfish

Photo via MorganTheCreator etsy shop

We picked a topper that included two Adirondack chairs and….are you ready for this? A MINI SANDCASTLE.We both agreed that this was the one. Our whole wedding is centered around the beach and I thought the sandcastle was adorable. Our first vacation together was on the beach and we both vowed to build a sandcastle next time we went there. I’ll still hold him to that one.

I contacted the shop owner and asked if she could change the bride chair to coral and she agreed. I loved working with her. she had very prompt communication and shipping. I couldn’t have picked a better shop if I tried.

Aren't they beautiful???

Personal Photo

The thing that I wasn’t expecting was what I would see when I opened the box. It was a note that was thanking me for choosing her shop, because the money went to help her autistic son. I am so blessed to have chosen this shop, because I love all children. My goal is to be a Play Therapist, so children of all backgrounds are so special to me. They are our future and I feel like this purchase was meant to happen. I love that she didn’t mention this on her site as a selling point and I’ve never been happier paying for something. The cake topper is so much more beautiful because of that.

Personal Photo
“Thank you so much for choosing my shop, it means so much. This business has been such a blessing to me and has allowed me to be able to support my son who is autistic. Your satisfaction is very important to me as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to message me on Etsy. I want to make sure you are happy for your big day.

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