I Said A Flip Flop The Flippy Flippy To The Flip Flip Flop: Picking Shoes

Okay, I couldn’t resist that title. When I was searching for my shoes, I had to factor in the fact that my wedding would take place on the beach. When I think of getting ready for a day at the beach, typically flip flops are a must. I like to have my shoes off for the most part, but the walk on the beach can get hot and flip flops are the most inexpensive, lightweight, close-to-barefoot option there is. When it comes to a wedding, however, I think of heels and more formal styles of shoes.

Combine a wedding and the beach and you see where I had to do some problem solving. I needed something that looked formal, but was still comfortable and beach appropriate. For example, wearing plain flip flops would be too informal, whereas wearing heels wouldn’t be feasible, because they sink in the sand. I had many options to choose from and I went back and forth more than a few times.

Some of the more common styles beach brides wear are:

  • Going barefoot. There is nothing more satisfying than walking on the beach with naked feet. The first thing I love to do is kick my shoes off and enjoy the sand beneath my toes. This is a nice option, but only if you are getting married when the beach cools off or during a time where the temperature stays on the lower end. Sand can get to scorching temperatures and the last thing you want to do is spend the next day off your feet, because they blistered and burned. Not a fun way to remember your wedding.
  • The barefoot shoe. This one I fell in love with. It adds a little flair to your plain, bare feet. I absolutely hate looking at feet, including my own, so this is the direction I would have went if I weren’t wearing shoes. They can be made from flowers, jewels, pearls, etc. They are so beautiful, but again, aren’t feasible if you’re getting married in the hotter temperatures. They are basically jewelry that look like the top of a nice pair of sandals. You get the beauty of a shoe and the luxury of bare feet.


Photo: beachwedding.org
  • The wedge flip flop. This is actually the one I ended up going with. Not only is it the perfect mash up of the flip flop and the heel, but it also solved the height issue that we have. I am 4’11”, while Mr. SM is around 6’2″. That’s a pretty major difference and it’s pretty noticeable when we are standing together. While I usually think it’s a part of what makes us unique, I also didn’t want to look like a 12 year old marrying a 30 year old. I wanted to be around the same size he was for the ceremony.


Photo via blingcouturebridal

This is where Bridal Flip Flops comes in. They make a VARIETY of these wedges and for only a fraction of the cost. They had shoes from anywhere between $35-$55. You can choose between the different flip flop heights and colors. They have anywhere from flat flops to 3.5″ flops (which is what I went with). I ordered their Ivory Wedge in Tiffany Blue Satin With Starfish Rhinestones.

my shoes

Photo by BridalFlipFlops

They came in yesterday, and let me tell ya, I LOVE them and they are so adorable! I had to try them on to make sure they fit, but I didn’t think to take pictures and I didn’t want them to get dirty before the wedding (I realize AFTER the wedding, they’ll be pretty dirty). What was even better was the starfish are just like the buckles we’ll be using for our invites. The ribbon color fit my theme perfectly.

Aren't the fronts so adorable? The starfish match the buckle sliders we used for our invites. That was sourcool.

Personal Photo.

I was scared when I saw “3.5 inch wedge”, but I took a practice walk in them and did fine. I even walked up and down the stairs and didn’t wobble at all. I feel like I’ll be able to safely navigate the beach in them without breaking an ankle and Mr. SM is happy that he can reach me to kiss me without breaking his back.

These 3.5

Personal Photo.

It also gives me “something blue” to wear. Every order is custom made, but it was still super fast shipping and they have a rush delivery option if you need them sooner. It took mine LESS THAN THREE WEEKS to get here without the rush delivery placed on them. Yup, THREE WEEKS!! I was shocked.

It even came in cute packaging.

Personal Photo.

I just wanted to share this review to help any ladies in my same position. You CAN wear heels on the beach! 🙂 I would highly recommend Bridal Flip Flops to anyone. I would recommend Etsy to anyone.

Anyone else have different shoes?

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