125 Days Out At Sea: A Beach Wedding That Shall Not Be

Unfortunately our budget is about as teeny tiny as our guest list (23 invited, to be exact). As you can imagine, this limits a lot of the things we are able to do. I opted for a lot of DIY projects, because I absolutely love crafts. In most areas, this saves a lot of money, because you don’t have to pay the costs of the labor and, if you play your cards right, you can just go to your local craft store and avoid the shipping fees.

One cost I DIDN’T take into account, was time. Crafts, especially when it comes to your wedding, take a lot of time. We had a few rough patches here and there with venues, but we are back on track. Unfortunately, we lost some time with all the trouble. Now that the storms have died down a bit, it’s time for me to start finishing up, because:


Personal Photo

I may be stretching a bit, but I feel like we all have the wedding we want, but are unable to have. By this I mean, we all have things we want in our big day, but have to give up, for whatever reason. Time restraints, money and unforeseen circumstances happen to the best of us. The thing that we need to remember is our wedding will still be beautiful and everything happens for a reason, in the end.

My wedding would have looked something like this:

My guests would come into their hotel rooms after a nice flight and then find a beautifully crafted welcome bag on their beds. While I will have welcome bags, they won’t have as much substance as I would like. By the time my guest list was finalized, there was just no time to order everything I wanted to. I planned on having pamphlets, personalized sunscreen (over $100 for 12 bottles) and handwritten thank you cards.

welcome bag

Photo via connoisseurofcreativity

I was planning on having professionally made programs. We will have programs, but we will probably just print them on paper ourselves and mount them to card stock. Since we aren’t having a huge wedding party and rehearsal, we won’t be getting the ceremony details until closer to the wedding. By that time, it would be too close for comfort to order them and have them shipped. I had been looking at wedding paper divas for mine.


Image via Wedding Paper Divas/Design by Lady Jae

I had a lovely company I wanted to order my flowers from, but their online store has been down since I discovered them. If you are looking at Real Touch like I was, I highly recommend Angel’s Accents. They are the most realistic looking flowers and they even put scents on them. I obsessively stalked their website, but it has become too late to order them. I will still make mine, but it will have to be with flowers from different places. I am so sad about this one.


Image via thenest/bouquet by Angel’s Accents.

I took fashion design courses. I love sewing and fabric and I really wanted to make my own table runner. I thought I could save a bit of money and it would help me customize the reception space a little bit more. I wish I could have done this just to get me back into sewing, but I just didn’t have enough time to squeeze this project in. I won’t lie, I’m kind of bummed about this one, as well.

beach quilt

Photo by Shari of mumsyblossum.blogspot

My guests would then walk into a candlelit dinner that was fueled by the light of little handmade seashell candles. I love collecting seashells and have a ton just lying around, waiting to be turned into a craft. I was looking up how to make them and saw more than one person comment on how hot they got. I actually read that someone had them lying on a glass table and the glass got so hot from them that it exploded. Weddings cost enough already and I decided I don’t want to pay for something exploding, melting or burning the room down. I’ll still have candles, but they will be floating in water and not in tiny little seashells. They are a beautiful touch, though.


Photo by Gehri H. via Because I’m Addicted

The weekend was going to end with Mr. SM and I greeting our guests, at breakfast the next morning, with handmade leis. While we will still do breakfast and leis, they will be bought and not made by me. I thought it would be a nice gesture and I’m also very interested in lei making. Plus, it was perfect since Hawaii was on the list of places we might honeymoon. We had to choose between making leis or making fans for the ceremony and, in the end, we decided the fans were more useful to our guests.

make a lei_wearing

Photo by Alison via Oopsey Daisy

While none of these crafts got to happen, I still know my wedding will be beautiful and maybe this will give someone else some great ideas. I’ll have a lot of other unique touches and it was fun to imagine my wedding that isn’t happening.

What projects did you think you could finish, but decided to scrap?

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