Beyond the Beach: Videography

Originally, Mr. Sea Monkey and I had decided against videography, so it was never in the budget. One night, I was checking my email and received a promo video from a videographer and I cried. I’m not an emotional person, so this was big for me. I sat and watched as many videos as I possibly could that night. They were beautiful. They are very cinematic now, so they look like movie trailers for your wedding and, honestly, who hasn’t secretly dreamed of being in their own movie?

Video by Forestry Films

Watching them got me thinking. I was going to have a beautiful beach ceremony and nothing but pictures to capture it. Don’t get me wrong, pictures are beautiful, but they can only capture so much. They can’t capture the feelings and emotions that a moving video would be able to. They can’t capture the audio from the day.

Since we hadn’t budgeted it out, there was no way we would be able to hire a videographer. The lowest I could find one for was $2,000 and that was for the smallest package they offered. We just couldn’t afford that at all, so I had to look for the next best thing.

I came across a review for WeddingMix. It’s an alternative to traditional videography. Basically, you rent flip cameras from them and your guests use them to capture your big day. You also get an app the guests can use on their phones to take up to two minute clips. The app has a code that comes with it, so you have to share that with your guests so they can join.


Image via storymix media

The app allows the bride and groom to make a “shot list”, which is a list of the moments you would like captured. Someone can also buy a WeddingMix package as a gift. The best part is, the smallest package (just the app) is only $99.

When you’re finished with the cameras, you send them back in to the company for editing. We are going to edit our own video, since that’s something he has knowledge of with his work, but they will edit it for a small fee.

Amanda and Kyle’s video made via StoryMix Media

Mr. Sea Monkey and I plan on having our guests pass the cameras around during mocktail hour, so they can have a chance to make comments. We thought this would be a sweet sentiment and are looking forward to seeing what they have to say. Since we won’t be around for that hour, because we will be getting our pictures taken, we won’t know what they say until we watch the video.

We are also able to take one on the honeymoon, so that we can include clips from that, as well. I am so happy that I found this. It will mean so much more to us, because it’s coming straight from our guests and not someone who we just met a couple of hours ago. I do still highly encourage you to hire a videographer, but this is a fantastic alternative if that’s not possible.

Have any of you guys used this or something similar? How did the final video turn out? Feel free to share them with me!

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