Sea Monkey Invites: The Pocketfolds

With our DIY heavy wedding, Mr. Sea Monkey and I decided that we would go the same route for our invites. We knew we only had a handful to send out and, while it would be a major task to take on, it would be worth it in the end. I was pretty excited to begin figuring out how to make them.


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We decided that, not only did we want to make our own invitations, but we wanted them to be pocketfolds. I had never really even heard of them until I started looking for inspiration for my invitations.


Pocketfold envelope by Cards and Pockets

Mr. Sea Monkey and I picked various shades of blue and brown paper from Cards and Pockets and ordered a bunch of samples. We ended up going with Peacock Teal for the pocket folds. We also chose Bronze for the mats for the invitations and the inserts, and Sand for the stationary.


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The first thing Mr. Sea Monkey and I made were the pocketfold envelopes. This takes a bit of time and a lot of cutting. I did so many a day so that I didn’t get burnt out and make silly mistakes. The card stock comes in packs of 25, so I had plenty of practice before starting on the ones I would send out.

First, I cut out the pocket part. That had to be the toughest, because if you don’t get the measurements perfect, it messed the whole thing up. You have to leave the 1″ cut above the first flap on the pocket. There were a few times that I messed it up and it ripped the paper.

Score all the places you will fold the paper to make clean, crisp folds.

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I decided to make the v-shape in the pockets to add a little flair. I just thought it looked a little more fun than just leaving them straight across. It’s really a design choice.

One change I made (half way through) was putting the tabs for the pocket on opposite sides. This helped the bulk.

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After the pocket was done, I scored all the folds with a bone folder. A bone folder is just a tool that helps make a crease, so the paper folds nicely without wrinkling and ripping. I was using a butter knife, but I actually went out and bought one, since I will get plenty of use out of it.

I also decided to cut the front flap into the traditional envelope flap shape.

This can be any size you want.

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Finished product. Yay! I did it!!!!! :)

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I decided to add ribbon and a shell in lieu of a belly band. I just hot glued the ribbon on. I’m so amazed that I created these and they weren’t as hard as I imagined they would be.

Voila! 14 of them done!

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Anyone else doing their own invites? I would love to see them!

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