Sea Monkey Invites: The Outsides

In my previous posts, I put together my pocket fold invitations and the invitation and inserts. Now that they were finished, it was time for us to send them off. We had to give a final headcount to our venue about a month ahead of the big day, so we wanted to give our guests plenty of time to get their RSVPs back in.

I had originally planned to use Sand colored envelopes, but unfortunately, the invites were too thick and would get destroyed in the process of getting to their destinations. I looked around for an alternative to envelopes and found box invitations. I actually found them on the bee.

box invites

Photo By: Weddingbee user MrsChang

I had trouble finding boxes to use, but ended up finding Paper Source. They are a great company and I actually ended up ordering the address labels from there, as well. I really wish I would have discovered them sooner, because they sell everything.


Personal Photo

To keep up with our color theme, I used the brown ribbon leftover from the pocketfolds to make bows for the lids. I had also bought tiny starfish to go with our wedding favors, but they were too big for what we had in mind. I knew I would find a good use for them.


Personal Photo

Finally, I bought embossing ink, colored embossing powder, a heating tool and a stamp during a 50% off sale at Hobby Lobby. I used these to emboss the boxes and add the finishing touch. I felt that made them more personalized.The stamp was a compass with the fleur de lis as the north symbol. That was perfect, because my engagement ring has them all on the sides. I already had alphabet stamps, so I used our initials and overlapped the compass.


Personal Photo

I think they turned out beautifully and couldn’t be more happy. When our guests received them, they called to tell us how much they loved them and that they were keeping the boxes.

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