I’ve Got The Fever: Planning The Honeymoon

As much as I love the wedding, there’s one thing that has been on my mind since receiving the bling: The Honeymoon. The possibilities are endless for where you can go. A beach for the relaxers, the mountains for the adventurers or Paris for the hopeless romantics. So how does one pick a single place out of a world of possibilities? I can tell you, it was HARD for Mr. Sea Monkey and I to narrow it down. So just how did we do it?

Well, first we made a list of all the things we would like to do there. While I do think relaxation is good, I also like to go on little adventures. I had mentioned before, that one of our favorite things to do was hike the trails around here. What we really needed to do was find a good balance between relaxation and adventure. Oh, and of course, we needed there to be a beach.

I love island life and feel like there are several that met all our criteria. We sat down and discussed it and we each picked one place that loved.

Mr. SM loved St. Lucia, so that was his pick. When I bought my dress from David’s Bridal, I got a packet full of deals and one of them was a honeymoon to St. Lucia. Not only is St. Lucia beautiful, but the deals would save us a lot of money. Before getting the David’s Bridal deal, we never would have even thought to look here. I had heard of it before, but never even gave it a second glance. If you are looking into honeymooning in a less common place, I definitely recommend looking into St. Lucia.

st lucia

Photo via fleewinter

There were several different resorts and hotels we could choose from. We talked and discussed and looked at reviews for all the places. I recommend tripadvisor, because you get to see reviews from people who stayed there, good or bad, as well as their pictures. We didn’t exactly hate the research portion of the honeymoon planning!

The Fond Doux Plantation and Resort ended up winning out for St. Lucia. There are nature trails, the sulphur springs and the beach. You also get a complimentary tour of the plantation and resort. The honeymoon suites are up in the trees with a private rainforest shower, private plunge pool and a bed overlooking the rainforest.


Photo via fonddouxestate

My pick was Hawaii. I am one who has a long-running bucket list and going to Hawaii was one of the more achievable items on it. I talked about this being a destination for our weddingmoon and I was still a little sad that it didn’t work out. So many people I knew have gone there and it was a place I was considering moving to before Mr. SM. came into the picture. Island time, the beach, the volcanoes? All so me.


Photography by Floyd Manzano.

Not to mention, the culture. I love to learn the traditions of people on different walks of life than I am. The Hawaiian culture has always fascinated me, especially since it is one of the 50 United States. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how beautiful and diverse this country really is. I wanted to go somewhere that would be a constant reminder of that and Hawaii was it.


Lei-making is definitely on that list. Photo via bestluauoahu

We used Costco travel to search for some deals for Hawaii. I had a family member book their honeymoon through there, so I decided to give it a try. We didn’t want to go to a big, touristy part, nor did we want a city. We wanted that nice, island feel. We found a deal for the Hilton Waikoloa Village and fell in love. Located on The Big Island, there is so much to do there. There’s a Dolphin Lagoon, the ocean, adult pools, turtles, the culture, a restaurant you can eat at…while watching a volcano (what?), and many, many more things we can do there.


Resort map via hiltonwaikoloavillage

We ended up picking Hawaii. It was a place that we both wanted to go and we didn’t need a passport. It is a part of our beautiful country that we can’t just road trip to. I honestly never thought I would be going to Hawaii and I’m so excited, though it was a very hard choice and I would recommend St. Lucia to anyone asking about where to go for their honeymoon.


Photo via hiltonwaikoloavillage

We booked a 6 day, 5 night trip that will include:

  1. A complimentary luau for two. I’ve always wanted to attend one and it was pretty expensive when we were looking at pricing. Some of the packages included them and some did not. I am so glad we were able to get it when our dates opened up for booking.


Photo by hiltonwaikoloavillage

2. We upgraded from the Makai Mountainside room to a Makai Oceanside room. We get a view of not only the ocean, but also the awesome saltwater dolphin lagoon.


Photo via hiltonwaikoloavillage

3. Speaking of dolphins, we will definitely be visiting the lagoon where they not only own their own dolphins, but they also allow you to swim with them. Knock another item off my bucket list!


Photo by Lesley Carter via bucketlistpublications

4. We will be eating at the Volcano House Restaurant. That’s right, eating lunch while looking out at a volcano. Not bad.


Photo by volcanohouse

The island and the resort includes a ton of other beautiful features that I can’t wait to see in person and share with you guys. Counting down the days!

What were some of your strategies for planning your honeymoon?

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