What I Wish I Knew: Wedding Websites DON’T Equal An End To Questions.

I highly encourage anyone who is planning a wedding to make a wedding website. I had a couple of friends who had gotten married after Mr. Sea Monkey and I got engaged and I loved going to their websites. For one thing, I love looking at other people’s pictures and reading their stories. I’m a sap for love stories and the ones in real life are the best. It makes you feel like you’re a part of what they have. I also loved being able to go back and check for any updated information that I would need to know pertaining to their weddings.



Our Welcome Page/Personal Photo

Mr. Sea Monkey and I knew we were going to have a wedding website, no matter what. Once we decided on a destination wedding, we felt like it was a MUST. We decided to go with one of the more common sites, The Knot. They give you a basic template and you just fill in the information as you get it. We even swapped out some of the template pages for ones that we felt better suited our guests. We included things like our story, our ceremony and dinner information, our registries and pages about our wedding apps.


Screenshot of some of the pages/Personal photo.

One of my favorite pages was the FAQs page. Basically, we compiled a list of questions that the guests would probably have and put all the answers on that page. I know that there are times as a guest that I have questions (what to wear, the colors, etc) that I felt were a bit too insignificant to bother the bride or groom with, but that I needed to know in order to make plans (do I need to buy a new outfit? The answer is yes. You always NEED to buy new clothes. 😉 ). I answered things like, pet policy, clothing, start times, what apps we are using and then I also gave out our personal info for anyone who wanted to contact us. Sounds great, right?



FAQs Page/Personal photo

Now, while I encourage everyone to make a website, I will admit that we still get asked questions all the time. It was a bit discouraging to know we put in so much work and we still have some of the guests asking questions over and over again. I don’t mind answering questions at all, but after the third time of being asked the same thing, it does get a bit frustrating. Especially if there is a code involved and I’m at work, or just don’t have it with me.

It might go something like this:

“Hey, I know you mentioned how to book the hotel, but I forgot. Can you tell me?”- Great Aunt Bertha***

 “Well, I don’t have that information with me now, but it’s on the website.” -Me

“Yeah, I skimmed your website briefly, but I forgot what it said and I haven’t looked at it since.”-Great Aunt Bertha

So, while the website is great, just know that you will still get many repeat questions. I just wanted to throw that out there, because I thought the website would help answer at least a few questions. I do think they are worth it, and I do love all my guests. Now that we are getting closer to the Big Day, most people are going back and reading the website, though now they have forgotten the link to it, because they lost their Save The Dates. Oy!

Anyone else in a similar situation?

***I have no Great Aunt Bertha. This conversation was just an example and never actually took place.


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