What’s In A Name?

Did you know that taking his last name isn’t your only option? There are actually several different ways to change your name and, more and more, women are opting out of taking his last name.

I didn’t really know how attached I was to my last name until I actually thought about changing it. The closer the wedding is, the more I’m realizing I don’t want to actually drop my last name. It’s been my identity for 24 years now, so just dropping it for eternity is kind of sad. I also come from a family of all girls. My grandpa’s brother has long left this world and his sister is married and the kids have their dad’s last name. My dad was my grandparents’ only child, so the name is ending with us sisters, once we are married.


Image via connectwithcharles

I started researching the options I had. I came up with five different ways that I can change my name, though I know there are probably more.

  1. Take his last name. I can become Mrs. Sea Monkey drop my last name and call it a day. Obviously, I’m trying to find a good compromise and this isn’t really what I want to do. Like I said, I want to find a way to keep my last name and take his.
  2. I can hyphenate our names. I can be Mrs. Mylastname-Sea Monkey. This is definitely a compromise and an upgrade from dropping my last name, but while my last name is short, his is pretty long. It may be a little complicated when it comes to filling out papers and then we would have to decide what last name the kids would take. We know we want kids, but would they take my last name? would they take his? would they hyphenate too? Mr. Sea Monkey wouldn’t be hyphenating and I would like our family to all have the same last name.
  3. I could keep my last name. I can stay Mrs. Mylastname. This is becoming one of the more common choices. Like hyphenating, it would be hard to decide whose last name any future kids would take. Mr. Sea Monkey also wants me to have his last name and he gets so excited that I really couldn’t just take that away from him.
  4. Take his last name, drop my middle name and make my maiden name my middle name. I would then become Mrs. Mylastname Sea Monkey. This solution works really well if you don’t have a middle name or your middle name isn’t important to you. My middle name is after someone who is dear to me. I can’t see myself not having it.

Then there is the last choice I came across, taking my maiden name as a second middle name. That would make me Mrs. first name, middle name, mylastname, Sea Monkey. This is the choice that I’m going to go for. It’s a compromise that makes everyone happy. I can keep all my names and take his. I am so excited I did my research, or else I wouldn’t have known this was even an option.

I will warn you, some states in the U.S. don’t allow this as a marriage name change and they make you go through the name change process, which can be really complicated. I hope that my state allows it, but I’m thinking I will go through the process even if they don’t. It’s well worth it to me.

How will you be changing your name?

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