The Evolution of The Centerpieces: From Beachy Plain to Pearlfection

Imagine sitting on the beach and relaxing. Look around your nice, beachy scene. Tell me, do you see flowers? Usually it’s people relaxing, sand and some water. Sometimes, you’ll see the tall grass on the dunes.

This is why Mr. Sea Monkey and I agreed that we didn’t want flowers to be the main focal point of our centerpieces. We didn’t mind some, but we wanted it to feel like we were bringing a lot of beach elements indoors to the dinner space. As beautiful as I think they are, flowers and mason jars just weren’t going to cut it for our vision. We needed to come up with an alternative.

First, it was a simple sand:shells:candles ratio. I didn’t want flowers at all.

Image via secondchancesbysusan

Photo by Susan of secondchancesbysusan

In the end, we decided to have a small mix of flowers and beach. Some shells, sand and water elements and a flower in one of the vases. Maybe something else in a couple other vases.

Image via Suzy Schettler

Photo by Suzy Schettler

Image via thebridesbouquet

Photo by thebridesbouquet

I wasn’t a fan of the cylinder vases. They felt like they could only hold so much. We both agreed on having square vases. We found an amazing company called Quick Candles that we ordered them from. Their name says it all. I received my order a couple of days after I placed it. We even realized we were missing a vase and they sent me one within two days and they included a second one free. I always can respect companies who are quick to fix their errors.

The vases came in sets of three and they come with floating candles. I wanted something that would go good with the flowers and, on  found floating pearls. Basically, you take various size pearls and mix them with clear water beads for the floating effect. I found a company, Vase Pearlfection, on amazon that specifically makes these.

We did a trial run and they turned out beautifully. We’ve actually decided to put the pearls in the smaller vases and some real touch blue orchids from Afloral.

With all the vases.

Mr. Sea Monkey has been working on the centerpieces and he got some sand and fake grass and placed it on a cake round. We couldn’t put the pearls in the water beads, because they take too long to shrink back down and they soak up a lot of dirt, so we aren’t going to add water to them until we are at the hotel. Here is what it will look like, though:


What do you guys think? Did you have a problem deciding on the perfect centerpieces? Feel free to share your centerpieces/inspirations in the comments. 

2 thoughts on “The Evolution of The Centerpieces: From Beachy Plain to Pearlfection

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