Setting Sail with Jolly Good Tunes: Sea Monkey Playlist Breakdown

Music is known to be mood-altering. That’s why you always hear people talking about “setting the mood” and they usually do it by turning on music, mixed with a couple of other tricks.

I may not be dancing at my dinner, but I’m definitely having background music. I want people to just think about being on the beach and relaxing. I want a light, upbeat mood, so Mr. Sea Monkey and I set out to pick the tunes that will be played throughout our ceremony.  We spent hours browsing the web for beach ceremony playlists and then picked the ones we thought fit us the best. We ended up with a pretty awesome playlist, in my opinion.

Prelude (click for our complete list):

These songs will be playing in the background as our guests are sitting down. We did a few funny Disney songs and then some upbeat, tropical sounds. We will have songs by Iz, Little Mermaid and Lilo and Stitch. I threw in the Disney for my sister. I just wanted songs that make people want to close their eyes and feel relaxed.

VIP Guests:

I’ve always loved this song. It was my mom’s ringback tone and I would sometimes call her just to listen to it. This will play while our parents and my grandparents are seated. I think it’s so cute and will help change the pace from the island tunes. It will be a nice “alert” that I’m about to enter, since I don’t have a wedding party.

Video via RoughTradeRecords of Youtube

Bride Entrance:

Pachelbel’s Canon is becoming more and more popular. I know it’s not exactly beachy, per se, but the first time I ever heard it, I knew it was my song. I had chills the entire time I listened to it. It’s so beautiful.

Video via StringspaceLive


This song is so fun. I originally wanted to do Bobby Darin’s Beyond The Sea, but I moved that to the prelude line up and ended up going with Natalie Cole. I thought it was perfect, because this really will be an everlasting love. It is upbeat and reminds me of my childhood. Parent Trap anyone?

Video via KahPow84, song by Natalie Cole

Cake Cutting:

I don’t know about you, but cake definitely makes me feel like I’m walking on sunshine. It’s just a fun and upbeat song and it’ll sum up my feelings pretty nicely, I’m sure.

Video Via emimusic, song by Katrina And The Waves

Just because you aren’t having a full reception, doesn’t mean you can’t make up for it in the background music. I plan on playing some Jack Johnson in the background at dinner and mocktail hour. I have been downloading a song a week, so by the time the Big Day hits, I can crank them on for the trip.

Any fun songs you guys are playing?

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