A Beach Chair For Me: Sea Monkey Place Cards.

I always love seeing what people come up with for their place cards. I think they can be so adorable. The first wedding Mr. Sea Monkey and I ever attended as a couple was also a beach wedding. They had sand dollars with our names and table numbers on them and jewels in the middle to tell what menu item we chose for our entree.

I thought they were so cool looking, but that marked sand dollars off our list. I like to be inspired, but I don’t like to take ideas from people. That way, my wedding is distinguishable from my friends.


Photo By Mr. SM

At first, I wanted to have sea urchins. I think they are the coolest looking things, but they didn’t have them in our colors. I definitely had never seen them used as place cards.

sea urchin

Sea Urchin place card holder via Beachy Chic Decor 

I also found some really cool shell place card holders. I thought those were awesome, because they blended in well with all the other decor on the tables. These ones were definitely in second place to the ones we picked.

shells place

“Shells By The Sea” Place Card Holders by myweddingfavors

The ones we ended up going with, won for one reason and one reason only: our RSVP cards. I saw where people were opting out of putting the traditional accepts/declines and replacing them with silly little puns and phrases. I loved that idea, so I made a list of the ones I liked. Mr. SM looked them over and came up with “Have Us Save You a Beach Chair by May 1, 2015” for the deadline and “Lay Out A Towel and __ Beach Chair(s) for me/us” for those who accept and “We’ll be celebrating from another port o’ call!” for those who declined.


Personal Photo

When I found these, I knew they had to be it. They were perfect, because they fit in with the silly little RSVP cards. Mr. SM agreed with me and so they won out. We did love the seashells, though.

beach chairs

Miniature Folding Beach Chair Favors via TheKnot

I ordered them from The Knot and, while they won’t have the cute little towel stickers, I will personalize them with their names and the date. I thought it was cute and funny.

What are you doing for place cards/holders?

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