Taking The Beach Home

I’m almost positive that we’ve all been to at least one wedding where we’ve gotten favors we don’t know what to do with. I know that I have definitely been to a few. I always take them, because I know the bride and groom meant well, but they usually end up in a box, because I don’t have anywhere else to put them.

Mr. Sea Monkey and I wanted to make sure our favors were unique and something our guests would love. I know you can’t exactly give them something useful, so we wanted them to at least want it. Some people suggest no favors, but I think I need to at least try to give them something nice since they were flying out to help us celebrate our big day.

I know a lot of guests like the homemade sauces, cookies and cakes in jars, but most of my guests were going back on a plane. We didn’t want them getting stopped at security or to have to worry about the jars spilling in their suitcases.

I also felt like I owed them a tad more than a handful of wedding mints or a couple of Hershey kisses. I don’t like nuts, so the almonds were out as well.

One thing I always like doing on a beach vacation is collecting shells and sand. I thought it would be awesome to have everyone take a part of the beach home with them that night.


My sand collection over the years. 

I found some mini apothecary jars at Hobby Lobby that were on sale and wrapped them in jute twine.


Personal Photo

I bought these shells for the invites, not realizing they were buttons, so I couldn’t use them how I wanted. I used them as an added touch.


Personal Photo

I bought these personalized satin bags from TheKnot to put them in. I ordered half the bags blue and half brown to match our colors. I thought they were beautiful and the jars fit inside them nicely.


Personal Photo


Personal Photo

While it’s not useful, I think it’ll be a nice keepsake of our special night. I know mine will be added to the collection of sand that I have.

What are you doing for favors? Was it a struggle picking them?

3 thoughts on “Taking The Beach Home

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