Sea Monkey Bouts and Corsages

Did you know that traditionally corsages and boutonnieres were given to mothers/fathers and grandmothers/grandfathers? Today, it is common to see the entire wedding party and important guests wearing them. Really, who receives them is up to the bride and groom.

Since we weren’t having a wedding party at all, I decided to give them to immediate family members to recognize them. I made each “group” a different type of flower and each of the flowers were actually used in my bouquet.

My groups were broken down as follows:

  • Sisters: received pink plumerias
  • Dads: received aqua calla lilies
  • Mr. Sea Monkey: received a turquoise calla lily
  • Grandma: received a red calla lily

And then each mom got a different corsage.

  • My Mom: received a pink orchid and red lily
  • Mr. SM’s Mom: received two pink orchids

I didn’t think I would be crafty enough to do the boutonnieres (I know, I know, self doubt), so I ordered those from Treasured Moments Flowers And Gifts etsy shop.

Mr. Sea Monkey’s:


Photo by Jenn of Treasured Moments Flowers and Gifts

I actually asked her to change the wrap color to brown and had her add rhinestones.

The dads.

fathers bouts

Photo by Jenn of Treasured Moments Flowers And Gifts

Again, I asked her to change the wrap to brown and take off the rhinestones. She actually kept in touch with me through the whole process and sent me a picture of them to make sure I was happy.


The photo Jenn sent me (taken by her)

Now I had to make the ladies’ corsages. Afloral is my wedding flower go-to. I found some wrist corsages and ordered blue pearl ones for the moms and my grandma and a couple of different layered beads for the sisters. Afloral is awesome, because of their speed. When I order things from them, they get to me within days.


Personal Photo

Then I just took the flowers I mentioned above and some greenery and cut their stems down. I then wrapped them in wire and floral tape, just like in my bouquet. I topped those with either blue or brown satin ribbon.


Personal Photo

For the orchids and plumerias, I didn’t wrap them. I just glued those flowers straight onto the wristlets.


Personal Photo


Personal Photo

I also added bows and starfish to some of them. I wanted each “group” to have their own unique touches.


Personal Photo

I love how they turned out and I’m sure my guests will too. I took the leftover white orchids and glued them on to some gator clips that I wrapped in brown ribbon. I can’t believe I made these myself!


Personal Photo

In the end, I realize I shouldn’t have doubted my abilities to make the boutonnieres for the gentlemen, but I am so happy with Jenn’s work that I don’t even care. It gave me the time to make the corsages just as beautiful. I am so excited to see the look on their faces when I hand them off.

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