Last Minute Sea Monkey DIY Roundup

As the big day draws near, all of us realize how little time we have left and how fast the time goes by. Being a DIY Bride has definitely taught me some invaluable time management skills.

There were several projects that I stayed up doing until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. The corsages, favors, Mr. Sea Monkey’s gift and the place cards are just a few.

The night before I left, I had to finish our handmade aisle runner. I had started it long ago, but it took forever for my brown flower petals to arrive.

Basically, I bought two 5’x8′ bamboo area rug carpets and some silk petals from AFloral, in my wedding colors, and went to town. Unfortunately, AFloral didn’t have the color brown I needed, so I had to go with a different company and the quality was pretty poor.


What an, ahem, “helpful” group.


First, I used some heavy duty glue and some bull clips and glued the folded-under ends of both rugs. I left them there for about ten hours, but was able to work around them.


Then I just glued flowers all along the sides and even tossed some in the air and glued them down where they landed, for a more “realistic” look.  I also made it seem like some of the petals landed on the ground, by gluing them in clumps.



Personal Photo

I did a blue one, as well as a brown and ivory one. That was all for the aisle runner.

Mr. Sea Monkey was left in charge of the centerpieces. He did amazing on them, but they needed numbers for the tables to go with them.

I didn’t see them until they were finished, but they turned out beautifully. He painted different Hawaiian scenes on each number, because of our Honeymoon.


Excuse my awful attempt to cover the phone book. 

The night before the wedding, I spent blowing up beach balls, decorating chalkboard signs and gluing bows onto paintbrushes. I’m honestly sad to be finished with my wedding crafts. I really enjoyed making them and I’ll miss having something to do in my free time.

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