“Miss” No More: The Sea Monkeys Are MARRIED!

We did it! Guys, the Sea Monkeys are officially married. The wedding was just as beautiful as I’d ever imagined it could be.


Guest Photo via Wedpics

Every bride will tell you that it goes by so quickly, and I’m no exception. Before I knew it, I was walking past a pool full of spectators (ironic, since I was going for the “intimate” ceremony) and down to my handsome HUSBAND.


Guest Photo

We set up the dinner ourselves, with the help of my sister, her man, my grandma and W and her Fiancé. I think it looked beautiful and our guests couldn’t stop talking about how they couldn’t believe we put so much into the whole day. Our Day Of Coordinator couldn’t believe it either. She didn’t realize that we had all our own stuff. All of our hard work paid off!


Setting up. All volunteers, I swear!/Photo by W.


Photo by W. 


My two younger sisters and I/Phot by Mom


Photo by Mr. SM

Our photographer was awesome. She was very “enthusiastic” about taking pictures (her husband’s words) and didn’t speak much English. I loved her anyways and “BIG SMILE!” will forever ring in my head.


Good times with W and J/Photo by Grandma

Of course, the day didn’t go off without a hitch, but those were minor details when it came to the big picture. In the end, we got to be with friends and family (and the ocean) and that’s all that matters!


My sister and her man.

Now, Mr. Sea Monkey and I are off to enjoy island life in Hawai’i. I’ll be back soon Bees. Can’t wait to tell you all about it!


The sun!


On Buddha Point/Photo by Mr. Sea Monkey

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