Love Unhatched: Guests Begin Arriving

So far, it had been all Mr. Sea Monkey and I exploring our surroundings and just enjoying Florida. We had done a couple of wedding related things, but it was just us two and some downtime.


It was nice, because we were just relaxed the whole time. I wasn’t overly stressed and neither was he, but getting back from Miami, reality quickly hit us in the face. We were getting the texts and calls that our guests were slowly arriving.


How can you be stressed with this view?

My sister and her guy got in around the same time as us and Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents and Aunt and Uncle were on their way. I slowly realized this is happening.

In lieu of a rehearsal dinner, Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents offered to take us all out to dinner once everyone arrived. We didn’t need a rehearsal since there was no bridal party and the ceremony was so small. Our officiant Charles sent us the script for the ceremony for us to look over ahead of time.


Mr. Sea Monkey’s family and my sister’s guy on the far left. My sister took the picture. 

My sister and her man, E, ended up meeting up with us for dinner. It was nice, but I wish all my family could have made it.


Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents


Now I have to say that I’m very appreciative of the dinner. It was such a nice thing for his parents to do, especially since we didn’t have a rehearsal. His parents are wonderful and have been there for me since we first met. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

That aside, I think everyone was tired, hungry and grumpy at this point. I was feeling very emotional that my family wasn’t there, so I was extremely sensitive. I would say this was when everything became stressful and I officially was forced into bride mode.

Love Unhatched: Cake Dilemma

Friday was probably one of the busiest days we had. It was the day before the wedding and our guests would be arriving soon. It was time we got into wedding mode.

We were prepared for our guests’ arrivals later that evening, but we had to take care of a few things first. I talked about getting a call from our bakery about the cake toppers.

When I called them back, they said they needed to measure the cake toppers, because they may not fit on the cake. Oh, no. The LAST thing you want to hear the day before your wedding is about how the cake might not work out.

They asked if we could meet them that morning to have our consultation. I was excited to finally see the bakery, but nervous to hear about the changes we would have to make. There wasn’t much time.

When we arrived, Brandy met us and greeted us with such a warmth, it immediately put us at ease. They had some free samples of one of their treats and they were delicious.


We Take The Cake

Our fears were confirmed after they took the toppers back: there was no way to fit them on top of the design we had planned. Brandy acted quickly though, and gave us a couple of options.

Instead of having one cake, they would take the top off and set it to the side. The chairs would go on the cake for the guests and the sand castle on the one we would take home.

We hadn’t gotten to taste their work yet, so we picked out a couple of goodies to buy. I had the oreo cheesecake cup and Mr. Sea Monkey had the red velvet cupcake. They actually gave them to us for free, since we missed out on the cake tasting experience. They were both delicious!




We had a few more errands to run and some last minute things we picked up. Since neither of us had been and we were already out and about, Mr. Sea Monkey took us on a quick drive to Miami before heading back to the hotel.


The Art Deco District. 


I’m a HUGE Heat fan. Such a beautiful arena. 

Love Unhatched: Be Our Guest

We had our Thursday night fun and alone time, so now it was time to start preparing for our guests to start arriving the next evening. Since they would be flying in from far away, we did the whole welcome bag thing.

I realize some may find it a little cheesy, but I decided it was better to let my guests know how much we appreciated them taking the time to spend with us on our special day. Plus, we only had a few guests which meant we could splurge a little.

Before leaving for our trip, Mr. SM and I painted stripes on and personalized enough tote bags for each room.


Excuse the brown blob, that was our names.

Mr. SM and I went to a Dollar Store and got Thank You cards, sunscreen, Chapstick, two bags of chocolate and enough tumblers for everyone.

I was so tired that night, I didn’t think to take pictures of any of it. We wrote in all the cards and then put the bags together. We also got a shovel and pail in lieu of a bag for my little sister. I also got her some of her favorite candy and an activity pad and colored pencils, since she loves to draw.

The hotel staff was awesome enough to pass them off to our guests as they arrived. I didn’t tell anyone I was making the bags, so they would be surprised.

Love Unhatched: We’ve Arrived!

I previously talked about the trips Mr. Sea Monkey planned to Nashville and Savannah and, now that we had some fun, it was time to arrive in Florida. This was one of the longer trips and we were both over being in the car at this point.

Mr. Sea Monkey and I were both sick and grumpy, so this was the least fun part of our journey. Also, we passed the hotel about 50 times before we figured out where it was and how to get there.


Beautiful Solé On The Ocean

When we got there, it was more beautiful than I could imagine. Just the lobby was so nice. I immediately turned to Mr. SM and said, “Crap, I didn’t realize how fancy this place was. Now I feel out of place.”


The lobby was gorgeous

That first night, we ordered a pizza and then crashed. We needed it.

The next day, we were able to check out the nearby Aventura Mall. It was the biggest mall I have ever been to and it was just as gorgeous as everything else in Southern Florida. I mean, they had a koi pond that cost more than the fancy cars parked next to it.

image image

I received a call from the bakery about dropping off the cake toppers while we were walking around. That quickly brought us back down to reality. It was almost time to put our game faces on. We had a wedding to think about.

We ended the afternoon with some Cheesecake Factory and then went back to prepare for our guests’ arrivals. The first set were due to arrive early Friday evening…. that was tomorrow.

Love Unhatched: Savannah, GA

Previously, I talked about the trip Mr. Sea Monkey planned for us. The second part of our journey to the wedding took place in Savannah, Georgia.

Originally, Mr. Sea Monkey wanted to spend time on the coast, watching the sunset, but we didn’t make it in time. Instead, we drove downtown to do some exploring.

Without any set plans, we were free to just walk around and see the town late at night. It was somewhere neither of us had been, but his parents actually honeymooned there.

I was in love with the historical background of the town and how it still gave off the old town vibe, yet still was appealing to the modern world.


City Hall

I really wish we would’ve had time to go on a Ghost Tour, because they have to be awesome there. I got a creepy (in a good way) feeling just walking around that sleepy town at night.


Savannah Street


I love that you can walk downstairs to River Street. Those stairs were crazy to walk down, especially since I wore flip flops. We went and looked at the Talmadge Bridge.


It was a lot of walking, but well worth it. I was so worn out by the time we got back to our hotel, that I went straight to bed. Did I mention I was sick? Yeah, the night before we arrived in Florida and I was so sick. Thank goodness for Benadryl.

Savannah, GA is definitely a place I’m going to have to come back and visit. It was so interesting and I would love to take some tours. It was so beautiful.

Love Unhatched: Nashville, TN

Mr. Sea Monkey and I went back and forth several times about flying vs driving. Florida is a long journey from Hoosierland, yet flying meant we would have to check the bag with all of our decor in it and hoping it arrived safely and undamaged.

I don’t check my bags when I go to airports, so I was definitely on the driving side and Mr. SM didn’t want to do all that driving. That’s a lot of time spent in the car.

One day, I came home and he was over the moon about driving. I didn’t know what had caused him to change his mind, but it definitely eased my worries about lugging decor, glass and my dress on a plane.

What had happened that changed his mind? He had spent weeks (while I wasn’t around) planning a trip of a lifetime! We would leave the Monday of our wedding and make a whole journey out of it.

We dropped Casper and Muffy off at daycare that morning and began the journey to our wedding.


Personal Photo


By the end of Day 1, we were in Nashville, TN! Now I have driven through several times, but have never gotten the chance to stop and explore. It was more amazing than I could imagine. Our hotel was located right next to the Hall of Fame, so we got tickets included in the price and a $50 gift card to spend.


It was so amazing to see the displays from some of the greatest artists in music history. It was somewhere I had always wanted to go and am so blessed that I was given the opportunity to do so.




Afterwards, we walked around downtown Nashville and sat by the river for a bit. It was an amazing time and I’m so glad we got these little trips in to unwind before we had to go crazy. We could just, well, breathe.



Love Unhatched: The Sea Monkey Recaps

We are back on dry land (boo!), we spent time in the ocean, we had our wedding and we finally got our pictures back. I guess the only thing left to do is start showing you guys how well our plans did (or didn’t) pan out.

Coming up with recap titles was tough and I asked my fellow bees about their suggestions. We all had a tough time with it, but I decided to go with the cheesiest. Mrs. Walrus came up with something similar to what I picked.

It kind of plays off the whole thing where you “hatch” the sea monkeys in water. I know it’s silly, but it’s the best I’ve got.


Cool Christmas ornaments via Zazzle

There were so many aspects to this amazing journey and I have a lot to share. So…let the recaps begin!