Love Unhatched: Cake Dilemma

Friday was probably one of the busiest days we had. It was the day before the wedding and our guests would be arriving soon. It was time we got into wedding mode.

We were prepared for our guests’ arrivals later that evening, but we had to take care of a few things first. I talked about getting a call from our bakery about the cake toppers.

When I called them back, they said they needed to measure the cake toppers, because they may not fit on the cake. Oh, no. The LAST thing you want to hear the day before your wedding is about how the cake might not work out.

They asked if we could meet them that morning to have our consultation. I was excited to finally see the bakery, but nervous to hear about the changes we would have to make. There wasn’t much time.

When we arrived, Brandy met us and greeted us with such a warmth, it immediately put us at ease. They had some free samples of one of their treats and they were delicious.


We Take The Cake

Our fears were confirmed after they took the toppers back: there was no way to fit them on top of the design we had planned. Brandy acted quickly though, and gave us a couple of options.

Instead of having one cake, they would take the top off and set it to the side. The chairs would go on the cake for the guests and the sand castle on the one we would take home.

We hadn’t gotten to taste their work yet, so we picked out a couple of goodies to buy. I had the oreo cheesecake cup and Mr. Sea Monkey had the red velvet cupcake. They actually gave them to us for free, since we missed out on the cake tasting experience. They were both delicious!




We had a few more errands to run and some last minute things we picked up. Since neither of us had been and we were already out and about, Mr. Sea Monkey took us on a quick drive to Miami before heading back to the hotel.


The Art Deco District. 


I’m a HUGE Heat fan. Such a beautiful arena. 

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