Love Unhatched: Guests Begin Arriving

So far, it had been all Mr. Sea Monkey and I exploring our surroundings and just enjoying Florida. We had done a couple of wedding related things, but it was just us two and some downtime.


It was nice, because we were just relaxed the whole time. I wasn’t overly stressed and neither was he, but getting back from Miami, reality quickly hit us in the face. We were getting the texts and calls that our guests were slowly arriving.


How can you be stressed with this view?

My sister and her guy got in around the same time as us and Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents and Aunt and Uncle were on their way. I slowly realized this is happening.

In lieu of a rehearsal dinner, Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents offered to take us all out to dinner once everyone arrived. We didn’t need a rehearsal since there was no bridal party and the ceremony was so small. Our officiant Charles sent us the script for the ceremony for us to look over ahead of time.


Mr. Sea Monkey’s family and my sister’s guy on the far left. My sister took the picture. 

My sister and her man, E, ended up meeting up with us for dinner. It was nice, but I wish all my family could have made it.


Mr. Sea Monkey’s parents


Now I have to say that I’m very appreciative of the dinner. It was such a nice thing for his parents to do, especially since we didn’t have a rehearsal. His parents are wonderful and have been there for me since we first met. I’m so blessed to have them in my life.

That aside, I think everyone was tired, hungry and grumpy at this point. I was feeling very emotional that my family wasn’t there, so I was extremely sensitive. I would say this was when everything became stressful and I officially was forced into bride mode.

4 thoughts on “Love Unhatched: Guests Begin Arriving

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