Love Unhatched: Last Minute Details

When I last left off, our guests had begun arriving and some of us met up for dinner. It was later at night when the rest of the crew arrived and there was a lot of unnecessary drama that went down. I was exhausted from it all, but there were a few things we had to finish up.

Mr. Sea Monkey and I rushed back to our room to get all the little last minute things done. We were getting married tomorrow and it still seemed like we had so much to do! One of the first things we focused on was taking inventory of everything.

Upon arrival, I realized we had left our beach chair place cards. I was more than a little upset (Sorry Mr. SM and thanks for putting up with my grumpiness!). I had worked so hard to find those and it would have been such a cute momento for our guests. I had even accidentally ordered way too many of them, so it put me out unnecessary money.

Luckily, my friend W, who made our ceremony programs, is awesome and hadn’t left her house yet. She immediately got on making us some replacement cards and they were just as cute. I’m forever thankful for her!

place cards

Photo by W

I also realized that we left the personalized bags that our favors were supposed to go in (they got stuck in the box with the chairs). That was another thing I got sad about, because they were so beautiful and that was something we couldn’t really reuse or resell. They had our names and the wedding date printed on them.

All in all, forgetting only a couple of things wasn’t too bad. The only other thing we had forgotten was our iHome for the music during the ceremony. Not bad at all!

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about the missing items, because home was a long way away. I took a deep breath and got started writing out the little “messages” that were going into the bottles. I used some off-white paper to ask them to gather some sand to take the beach home with them. I then tied it off with some blue or brown thread and placed the tiny messages into each bottle.

Mr. Sea Monkey worked hard on the centerpieces and glued some fake grass from Afloral down to some cake rounds. They turned out beautifully. We also had to put the water in the water gels we got for the flowers and pearls.

I bought a chalkboard sign for the ceremony table. I wrote on one side about taking a ball to toss as our send off and on the other, I wrote the information about the Mocktail Hour for our guests after the ceremony.

sign1 sign2

beach balls

Personal Photos

All that was left was gluing some bows onto paintbrushes for the guests to use to “brush the beach” off their feet. I had some leftover ribbon from the invites which was perfect for them.

brushes bin brushes

Personal Photos

We were exhausted and ready to crawl into bed after our final craft session. Surprisingly, I got some pretty good sleep that night. I couldn’t believe all of our work would be paying off tomorrow. All of our crafts were going to be viewed by our guests. Tomorrow was the Big Day.

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