Love Unhatched: Pre-Wedding Set Up

Mr. Sea Monkey and I both had an early morning the morning of the wedding. I decided to start it off on a good note and surprised him with his gift. He was excited about that one, because he knew I had something for him and was curios as to what it could be.


Mr. SM looking through his gift.

While the wonderful Mr. Sea Monkey and his awesome father volunteered to get the cake, Mr. Sea Monkey’s mother took me out to get my nails done. We went to the giant mall Mr. Sea Monkey and I went to when we got into Florida. The woman who did my nails decided to go with a french manicure, but in ivory in lieu of white. They looked beautiful.

There were some of the late arrivers that I didn’t get to meet up with the night before, so they called me down to join them on the beach. I decided to go down since Mr. SM hadn’t gotten back yet and we didn’t have much to do. That was probably a bad call on my part, because we ended up staying on the beach a little too long. It was well worth it though.

on the beach

My sisters and I

pipe fish

Northern Pipefish my little sister found

kyle beach

Mr. SM got to join us for a few!

After Mr. SM and his father got back, it was time to kick it into gear. We had to start setting up the room for the Mocktail Hour/Dinner. The hotel was pretty impressed that we brought and made all of our own things. They also were amazed that we were doing our own set up. My grandma was awesome and volunteered to help me, as well as W and her fiance J. My sister and her guy ended up joining Mr. SM later on and helped run things around and put last minute touches on everything.

set up

I could only help out for a couple of hours, because I had to go get ready. Everyone that stayed and helped (including Mr. SM) did a wonderful job. It looked more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. I’m so grateful to all the people who were willing to help. I couldn’t have done any of this without them. Mr. SM got all the problems solved without worrying me. I went and met my mom, so that she could get started on my hair and makeup. I couldn’t believe we had only two hours until ceremony time.

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