Love Unhatched: Let The Madness Begin

The morning had already been filled with so much, but now it was time for me to get ready. I couldn’t believe that the morning was already coming to a close and that this was actually happening. I had been so calm up until this point, but now I was definitely starting to freak out a bit and beginning to get that infamous ball-in-my-stomach feeling.

My mom owns her own salon, so it was only fitting that she was the one who did my hair. I gave my mom, grandma, sisters and dad the boutonnieres and corsages I made them. I told them all they didn’t have to wear them, but they loved them and were happy to do so. My mom thought I had bought all the flower accessories and was shocked when I told her I made them myself.

I am always really bad about picking my hairstyles. When I get a cut, I’m that annoying person who comes in with ten pictures and then we go from there. When I was younger, I would tell my mom to just do what she thought was best. Why change my ways now? I had given her access to my wedding hair Pinterest board, so she had a general idea how to do it. I had been keeping my hair straight the whole trip, so it would be a little easier to do. She got started on the tedious task of curling my crazy head full of hair and that took about an hour and a half.

I had bought one of those silky “bride” robes from The Knot, so I wore that and a strapless cotton sundress to get ready in. I was starting to feel like a real bride. I had originally wanted a photographer in the room while I was getting ready, but we never got around to planning that, so my mom took some pictures of the progress with her phone.


Before we did the actual updo. 


Mr. SM’s mother let me “borrow” her pearls. The first gift from his dad. Personal Photo

As we were wrapping up, I sent a few texts to check on progress of the decor and found out that the arch wasn’t built yet, but the hotel had graciously loaned us a cake stand to use that was perfect for our cake. Mr. SM sent some pictures of it for me to approve. The arch thing was making me a little anxious, but I needed to focus. I had to pass off the cameras for our WeddingMix video to W, so she met me in my mom’s room. She helped calm me down a bit.

After W left, I realized how far behind we actually were. My mom had finished my updo and had begun working on my youngest sister’s and realized she hadn’t given herself enough time to get herself ready. I was panicking inside and volunteered to do my own makeup. It actually wasn’t too hard, because I had my mom giving me step by step instructions. My grandma came up and helped me put on my dress (along with my father, yeah, that was a fun one to see) and my other sister finished putting on my lipstick.

finished hair 2

After I was finished, I sent a couple messages to Mr. SM to make sure everything was going smoothly and to let him know we were running behind. I hadn’t realized that W had his phone. They were all on the dune waiting for me and no one else in my family was ready. I started crying, between a mix of “Oh my gosh this is happening!” and “Oh my gosh, I’m THAT bride who is going to be late to my own wedding!” Mr. SM had jokingly called it before, but I was nervous he would think I left him standing at the alter.

I had my first bridezilla meltdown. I look back at it and laugh now, but it wasn’t very funny in the moment. I really thought Mr. SM was going to be upset. Of course, our coordinator was a little upset with us, but she didn’t let that stop her from doing an amazing job! My whole family rushed down together and I was still upset by the time we got down (ahem, 25 minutes late). Everyone tried to reassure me that a lot of brides run late, but I wasn’t hearing it.That all changed once we were in position, though. Deep breaths, my dad and I are walking down the aisle in 3, 2…

me and dad

You can tell I was upset by my face. That changed right after this picture.

***Again, all photos were taken by my mom or one of my sisters.

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