Love Unhatched: Reception

Ditching the rain on the beach, we headed to the West Wing to join our guests for the reception. I got to see the hard work my friends, family and wonderful new husband put into setting up the room and the view out the window was beautiful and added to the overall look. I was floating on air when we walked in.


Reception view


We greeted all of our guests and took several photos. Our photographer only covered the ceremony, but we have plenty of guest photos on our Wedpics App and some that my sister and mother-in-law took with a camera. Some may not understand the idea of no professional photos, but we love looking back and seeing things from our guests’ perspectives. This time was about thanking them!


My beautiful Grandma and I

Sisters Reception

My sisters and I

The food was supposed to be served family-style, but we forgot to take that into account when we downsized our tables. Oops! Our day-of-coordinator just nixed that and the waitresses brought the food out to us throughout the night. They were such sweet women and the food was delicious!

Reception keylime

Our delicious Key Lime Parfait

On the menu:

Chicken Satay Skewers

Caprese Crostini

Caesar Salad

Chicken Paillard

Grilled Mahi Mahi

Whipped Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Penne Pasta

Key Lime Parfait

The hotel had some jazz music playing in the background while everyone spent the majority of the evening intermingling. It was the first time some of them were meeting and we loved watching them laugh and joke with each other. To me, that was the best part of the night. Mr. SM and I also got to go around to the tables to chat with our loved ones throughout the night.

reception smile

Some of Mr. SM’s family

reception dad

My dad

reception whitney jarrod

W and J

After eating the food wrapped up, Mr. SM made a fantastic toast and thanked our guests and then it was finally time to cut our cake. We could not have been happier with the way it turned out. Originally, it was going to be stacked, but we had to change it last minute and ended up with two cakes. The chocolate, peanut butter filling and buttercream icing tasted perfect with the white chocolate shells.

cake reception

Our Beautiful Cake

cake cutting

reception cake feeding

We were nice to each other!

As the night was wrapping up and we started to get the reception space cleaned out, I happened to notice that Mr. SM had forgotten the favors for the guests to take home. I was a little bummed, but I think it was meant to happen. The night will be one of the most memorable nights and it’s all because of the forgotten favors.

When we explained to our guests that we made bottles to put sand in, they loved the idea and actually agreed to meet after we finished changing and cleaning up. Mr. Sea Monkey and I went and grabbed the bottles and met everyone but his aunt and uncle (they had turned in early) down on the beach. His parents even left their cocktails at the bar to meet us for a bit.

We got a few towels and went to sit by the water’s edge and watched the ocean change for the night. We stayed out the whole night and just talked and reminisced. It was the first time we all had to just relax and breathe and it felt nice. We all changed out of our wedding attire and sat around in sweats and dresses and just became people who were catching up.

Sunny Isles night

The most amazing part of the whole thing was watching the moon rise. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s not something we get to see back home. I am in love with sunsets and have been ever since I can remember, but watching the moon rise was something I had never seen before. It started as a tiny flash of orange in the horizon and then slowly got higher and bigger.


The moon rising over the ocean

We all still talk about how that was the best part of the whole trip. Seeing the moon rise was cool, but it wasn’t even just that. One of the best parts of that night was just sitting and talking with everyone we loved. My little sister did some gymnastics and just let her kid side out and the adults just got to relax and enjoy just existing.

In the morning, we went to breakfast that was sweetly paid for by Mr. SM’s parents. Mr. SM woke me up extra early, so that we could watch our first sunrise together before we left Florida.

first sunrise

Our first sunrise together

My family and his aunt and uncle all left early and his parents were headed to stay in Miami for an extended trip. My sister and her guy weren’t leaving until early evening and we were leaving mid-afternoon, so we got to enjoy one last beach day with them before we left. It was nice, because I don’t get to see them often.


He threw me in right after this.

My sister and her man

Our trip home wrapped up with us going to Fernandina Beach (a place Mr. SM loves and I had never been) and then Chattanooga, which is where my heart lies. I’ve always loved that area and was considering moving there at one point, so it was great to explore.

fernandina us

Mr. SM and I enjoying Fernandina


Lookout Mountain

Our wedding may not have been everyone’s cup of tea, but that’s okay. We love how it turned out and our guests enjoyed themselves. It was the perfect day for both of us and I wouldn’t change a single thing about it! All of our hard work that we put into the day paid off, so if you’re planning a wedding and feel like there’s no use or no end in sight, just know it is so worth it.

last one

On the dune: We returned to the scene of the crime before leaving Sunny Isles…Happily married.

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