I’m a 24-year-old preschool teacher who loves kids. When I’m not teaching, you can usually find me babysitting or reading books. I have grown up in Hoosier nation and I bleed blue during football season and I am a Heat fan during basketball season. I love Roger Federer and the Williams sisters. You can say I love most sports. It’s a good thing that I love them so much, because Mr. D not only loves them, but works in them. He works on the behind-the-scenes on the T.V. side.

When we aren’t watching sports, we are usually hiking trails, watching T.V. or eating food. We love working out in the yard of our new house and are currently experiencing the good, bad and in between of being first-time-homeowners. We have two fur babies who are our lives. Our little boy Casper is a Chihuahua-Poodle mix and our girl Muffy is a Rat Terrier. We rescued them and their puppies from being abandoned in a vacant house, by someone I knew. My mom took in the puppies and found them homes, as well as keeping one herself.

I can’t believe we are about to embark on this journey together. I never thought the time would come and now it seems it is whizzing by. We love the beach, so we decided to have our wedding overlooking one. It will be a small wedding and we are making almost all the decorations and details ourselves. We are so excited to share our wedding with you guys.

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